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Asian Massage Glendale

Asian Massage Glendale | Stressed Out Spa

Address: 5812 N 43rd Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301
Phone: (623) 915-1337

We offer a variety of massage services so you can eliminate stress and unwind. As a result of our expertise and talent, we are known for the best Asian Massage in Glendale AZ. Our girls specialize in personalized massage and this is primarily why we have such a loyal following. Because we target each client’s unique needs, we can ensure the best massage experience of your life. Both traditional and modern Asian massage techniques are important, so blending the old with the new is key.

Asian massage Glendale

Relaxing Asian Massage

If you are looking for a full-body Relaxing Asian Massage, than this massage is for you. One of our pretty Asian girls will massage your entire body so that you can truly relax. Sessions typically last between 30-60 minutes and that is enough time to work major areas of the body. Most importantly, this massage targets your back, shoulders, legs, arms, or wherever is most in need of pampering. This essential so that you can truly relax.

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Asian massage Glendale

Deep Tissue Asian Massage

Take advantage of a warm Table Shower service that is important to loosen your muscles and get you ready. A Deep Tissue Asian Massage is what many people need to deal with those aching muscles, because the pain is usually in the core. Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to a Relaxing Asian Massage, but the deeper pressure is better at releasing chronic muscle tension. As a result, our girls treat stress at the core.

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Asian massage Glendale

VIP Asian Massage

This personalized VIP Asian massage focuses on areas most in need, because you deserve the best. One of our skilled, sweet and pretty massage therapists will get you feeling your best in no time. Especially critical and key to the VIP treatment, is good back and forth communication to ensure our therapists are applying the right pressure and focusing where it counts most.

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I am always excited to feel my way around tense areas and to loosen up that tension! There is a saying that people should love what they do. I love massage as much as my clients love my soft yet firm touch. I look forward to sharing my massage talents to make people feel amazing. For the best Asian massage in Glendale AZ come and visit me!”

Asian Massage Glendale | Stressed Out Spa – Massage Therapist

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